Best Shopify App to sync Inventories & Orders

Inventory & Order syncing in real-time across multiple Shopify stores


Real-time Syncing Benefits for your Shopify store

Shopstoresync real-time syncing capabilities are one of the most powerful and convenient features of the platform. By keeping your Shopify store and your other sales channels in sync, you can save time and avoid errors.

Synchronize products effortlessly
Live Inventory Synchronization
Stock across several stores
Customization of products
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Shopstoresync is the right app made just for you. Forget all your inventory and order management problems and install shopstoresync. Shopstoresync seamleassly syncs across multiple stores and manages inventory and orders effortlessly in real-time.


Most frequent questions and answers

Source Store is the store who have the source inventory that other stores will sync with it.

Destination Store is the store that needs to sync products and inventory from the Source Store.

You will have to install shopstoresync app on source store and select to be source store. A key is generated once you select source store.

Now you have to install shopstoresync app on destination store and select to be destination store and enter that source key.If you have entered proper source key, Source will successfully connect with destination store and it’s ready to sync products.

You can sync products on the destination Store only.

First you have to install shopstoresync and select to be a Destination Store and install source store key.

If the Source Store products already exists in the Destination Store, then you don’t need to import those products which already exist in your store. Shopstoresync will only sync the inventory of the already-existing product.

It is absolutely free for Source store. Only the destination stores are eligible to pay the subscription plan.


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