Source Store
Destination Store

Do I own a Source Store or Destination Store?

The first thing to do while using Shopstoresync is to choose the type of store that you own. You will have to setup your store as either Source store or Destination



We have defined Source Store and Destination Stores here. This will help you to identify which store you own.

Source Store: A Source Store is a supplier store or Distributor store that has the master inventory. Orders are fulfilled and shipped from this store.

Shopstoresync Functionality for Source Store:

Destination Store: A Destination Store is a Retailer or marketplace that syncs inventory from the Source Store. This marketplace has a shopfront or an eCommerce platform that requires products to be listed in order to sell. This Product list comes from the Source Store. The orders that are placed on this Destination Store is sent to the Source Store for Order fulfillment and shipping.

Shopstoresync Functionality for Destination Store: